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MegaboatmaN's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Why Hello there. names MegaboatmaN but I go around as Boatman for short,

do you want Characters about literally everything else you have thought about?
We got them here!

do you desire the sight and feeling of Depressing and Exageratted Art?
well we gottem here!

do you like Complex and Completely self sustaining universes all connected by A SINGLE UNIVERSE THAT IS CAUSING ALL THIS?

well. We got that here too.

I am the Current Creator, author, story developer and Artist of:

- The Royal Navy Forge, the first plant based military

- The Browncoat Rebellion, a Entire population and Society of browncoats, reinforcements and practically all zombie related characters. they live on ZRSH-1085, the planet.

- The Alaskin Almighty, A Canadian Based friend group of Friends defending themselves from the Endless and harsh enviorments of the frozen Alaskin Forests.

- The Kingdom of Tyrants.
(**Coming Soon**)
"The first Zombie Based Navy... And the new contenders for the RNF!

And many other ocs just skedaddled about.

I am in collaborations of Characters, AU'S, and a whole lot of junk with cool people like Nyanbonecrush, Stanthespider and A whole lot more.

WARNING: This content may not be fire everyone. So you may want to leave if one of these are your pet peeves:

- Depressing or Overly negetive self juncture,

- "Mary sues aren't welcome here. "

- memey, but not a meme channel

- Overly excessive amounts of exaggerated body types.

If you have any other questions, Hit me up with some Notes or comment them in the comment section.

"Have a marvelous week."


Alright im watching A Doki Doki Literature club playthrough, Jacksepticeye edition

Here i go! My sister says this person named "Natsuki?" Is Best girl

Why am i this late to the party? Mostly because of 2 reasons

1. Anime, and all of its MEDIA


3. And i want to know why im THAT specific person in Cherrys D.D.L.C pic

Wish me luck fellas! Cause Im going full on Comic book title epic-ness on this!

"Boatman "Funkmiester" Boatman in...



(Of someone can create that title as a comic cover, It wpuld be mighty appreciated, and Epic!)

Thats all i can say, Kinda the enviornment is,

Well at least to me, Mostly because of some news and rumors going around some of my friends.

A loss of hope, love, and Belief.

This mood is bumming me out man, And your talking to me, the wet blanket of the group.


When'll this black cloud ever pass by?...
Wait if the truck from cars 3 said "And no cussing, its family night!"

Then does that mean on other days do they just sling words like "Fuck" or "shit" like its nothing
"Lone. Its a word meaning in the case of loneliness. And loneliness strives from the absense of comfort, well being, and people. Objects from some aspects. But the point is this:

Loneliness is a silent killer. It wont do it fast. Not at all. Not even hours, days, weeks, nothing. Its a black rot that sprouts its black roots in the heart and if the mold continues to grow, the body will eventually suffer the greatest pain imaginable; a slow and painful death.

It doesnt matter who you are, Human, plant, zombie, this is a desiese that will leave doctors nullminded and X-rays untouched. For it is a desiese that cannot be solved by pill.

It can wave it, push it to the side, but it will not solve it. You'll be tarnished and tainted with it until you, Solve it, Let it shroud you, or it solves it FOR you.

The point is simple. But not forced, the Kill point blank, but not over complicated. The people around you are here for you, and If you shove them off unintentially, or intentially, Then you've pulled your own viens out of your arm. Everyone, Friends, family, Even your own creations are here for you. And you alone.

Funny thing. Loneliness can always come in different ways with different causes. And as i said, It doesnt matter if your The smallest of puff shrooms, the Strongest of Humans, or the biggest of the corpses, Loneliness can either be slow death, or your own gun.

For it isnt about why your lonely, and pondering why people left you. Its about what you did, said, or even acted.

All of us suffer from this. And from ive been noticing, I know 3 of us, me also, suffer from this. And one seems to checkmate and win against no one.

Take my words with Care. And not Rot. For thats just a sign its growing in you too.

Nyanbonecrush StantheSpider QueenZombia
Should I do adopts?

Not like I Need money or anything its just my notebook is hopped on some Serious shit, Like Character designs and whatnot

And quite possibly crack but who cares

Anyway, I'll make sure of 2 things:

1. They're quality AS FUCK,
No lazy ass shit, like rushed ass eggs or whatever

None of that "Big googlie eyed baby snake bug thing queen" or anything, Boatman Quality Approved!

2. They're Going to be free, Cause I just wanna get some of these fools outa my fucking notebook, And I don't wanna mess with my friends with over priced prices

So that's it, Tell me what ya think
Sort of an Au sort of thing, But a fun thing to think about

Its basically this, Its a huge as HELL Utopian/Dystopian City where millions of people reside, And it works like this:

New comers or "New Deviants" Come in with nothing more than a tablet & Pen, or a Paper and Pencil. They walk in, and all they see is big buildings, A dystopian Esthestic and Other insane levels of madness of architecture

They usually walk around and check everything out, Then, They sit on a street corner, Draw something with they're Digital/ Traditional Style, and then they hold it up for everyone to see.

(That's they're first deviation)

And they keep doing this until they crash and burn, and never post again, or they grow and Succeed as a Deviation Shop.

This goes like this:

-If a Random person or a Deviantartist comes by, likes your art, Gives it a favorite, (takes a copy to they're home,) and gives you a Subscription for your shop, (meaning they'll add it to they're daily rounds of checking out art)

Your Subscriber or watcher count will grow, and then your view count and favorite count will sore as well!

If you become exceptatble ,You will now have a a little quaint shop, a little square. And your shop can grow in size if your Au standards And Channel develop as well!

If you surpass 100 Watchers, You get a pretty huge shop, Big as a really big church, and each time you grow, your Personal Aesthetic archetexture inhances as well,

For me, mine would be a bit Dark, while remaining vaporave and chill, Steampunky Gear, and a sort of dark "little nightmares" Machinieery going on

And when you go on The Streets, you can watch people too! And you can even go into they're shop, and they can personally invite you to they're AU, (which is a portal which is in the backroom,)

That leads you to Theyre AU!, Where they, and maybe you, Change.

So its like the GW Au nyans working on, While with all of our AUS, Its kinda like whenever you choose to come out of your AU for a bit, You come here to check your stats and all that,

(Just a little thing I'm working on,)



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*Thunder would crash as inside Tyrant!Zombosses office, a scared shitless BrownCoat would enter, holding a clip board* "M-Mr.Zomboss, a z-zombie wishes to see you..."
ScrewUp24 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 14, 2018  Student General Artist
Hiya! Skeeze told me you have a discord, so if you see a friend request from Ill-Intentions #9930, that's me.
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Thanks for the watch!
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The hell
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hey sorry if that request you asked for is taking too long
I don't have my laptop with me at this point, and tests are getting in the way, tho once I get everything done and my laptop back to me then surely I can get your thing finished óvò;
MegaboatmaN Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't worry, it's all fine my guy
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Scar: *He would be seen entering Boatmans city as 2 UPDF Elite guards followed him, he seemed to be serious about something*
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